December already

It has been a while since our last update. Reason is simple; we have enjoyed a few weeks of slow sailing and and a whole lot of nothing. I suppose you can say we are charging our batteries for the months to come. Until now we have managed to stay ahead of the snow, but it looks like it is closing in and so are the Christmas holiday as we have entered the month of December.

We are currently located in Brekstad, in the outer part of the Trondheim fjord. The coming couple of days are supposed to be windy and we have yet to decide whether we will make the long journey into Trondheim City or continue down the coast. I guess we will opt for option two, since we already have visited Trondheim on our northbound journey. If that’s the case – our next port of call is Kristiansund.

I believe we had passed Steigen in our last post. Meaning we have spent a very long time on this stretch. We did take a couple of brakes, like two weeks in Rørvik and another one in Abelvær. The last one being a small village with a fish-packing factory and a few houses. It was a great little place to visit and also where we had our first day of snow.

Since we are now passing Trondheim, we are officially done with Northern Norway and are sailing onto the West coast. Luckily these waters offer a whole lot of protection cause the open water in the Norwegian sea can be pretty relentless this time of the year. Time will show how far we sail before we make a journey inland to spend Christmas there. We are coming up on a year spent with no visits inland, so that will be an adventure in itself.

Days fly by, and we are looking forward to when the days once again become longer, these days it’s starting to get dark around three, and with darkness come the cold. Good thing we have good clothes, but we are very much looking forward to the spring and packing our winter-clothes away.

I just wanted to let you all know we are doing great, despite going into half-hibernation and taking it slow. More blogs to come as soon as there is exciting news or the sun provides growth and warmer days. We wish you all a great December, write you soon!

Captain Jack