The Pirates go to Tønsberg

A new year has dawned upon us and what better way to start a new decade by preparing for another season on Foxen! This is why we called on our newly recruited cadet; Sawyer, to help us transport some 16 barrels from across the Oslofjord. They are our first step to build our fleets next vessel – planned to measure wide and long enough to fit in the locks of Dalsland Canal, it will be the base for the 2020 edition of the infamous pirate supermarket. 


Sailing in january require a bit of planning. We were lucky to find a couple of days in between the ongoing storm systems and agreed to meet the guy with barrels the next morning. The sail over was a great one. Our cadet steered us the whole way in to the first bridge in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway. Here we found some electricity laying around and opened an anchor-beer. Little did I know that my good college from Malta was around to say hello and whatdoyouknow – before we knew it the evening turned into a party.

Some very old strange traditions have obviously sat roots in the town of Tønsberg, People in the only open bar seemed to spend their whole evening standing on the tables. A bit strange for an outsider but so was to enjoy a beer inside a real vikingship. People we met was great, except maybe that one guy that did his best to get in trouble with everyone.. Why people still in the year 2020 act like assholes is to me a great mystery, but I’ll leave him to answer to himself. He couldn’t change our pirate spirit and the party went on to well past seven in the morning.

Now too intoxicated to start loading barrels we went to bed. Six hours later we were however somewhat aboard with ourselves and sailed over to the dock stacked with our barrels. The tired bunch of pirates spent about an hour loading and tying down the load. As the sun started it’s decent we motored off to open water. As the sun went down we enjoyed a huge moon on the sky. The first full moon of the decade raged on the sky above us. It was a great journey and it was awesome to see Sawyer sail for the first time ever.


We are still and currently docked up river from Fredrikstad. Until we can be absolutely sure that there won’t be any ice on Foxen this winter we will be standing by. In the meantime we are organizing some of the things needed to be organized and are passing time with a whole bunch of everyday living.

Captain Jack