A new beginning

It’s time for us to make a move. Nine months ago, we had to make the hard choice of leaving our ship behind, the cost to fix the broken boat was just too high. The transmission seemed to produce milkshake and we had not been successful our attempts in keeping the ocean on the outside of our home. As snow was starting to fill the air and the nights came along with frost – our second ship had to be left behind and we officially became stranded. Again. 

Checking the view from the Elephant’s Circle

It’s a new time, 2019 actually. We are back to our skeleton crew, probably a good thing as we are about to embark on a new journey – this time in a boat that actually floats. And it really have to keep head above water this time, we are once again heading to bow for King Winter in Scandinavia.

Having spent the better part of the year on Malta – it is time to move forward. We were not meant to be stranded on an island, not for any longer than we need to. We have almost earned all the money we need to continue our venture, there is still a few weeks left, but we’ll need those last few weeks to get our shit together for real – and to also find the actual ship we are shortly acquiring.

As a matter of fact, we tried this once already. A few weeks back we went to Turkey in order to find a suitable vessel. And we found it too, however, she had no sails and the engine would take weeks to get anywhere. Then there was the paperwork to even get it  out of Turkey into the EU and then so on. It was just not worth the energy. And when the ship-wrecker on his side went on to remove the engine from the boat, we just dropped it and started to form a new, better and much more suitable plan!

In six weeks the adventure will start for real. We are traveling to somewhere in Northern Europe in order to board a more modern sailboat, maybe not the largest items at sea, but one with all the amenities needed for our Expedition to Nowhere. That’s not the official name, but it sounds kinda cool… And it’s true.

Waiting for days to go by

We are setting sail without a plan. Well, that’s the plan. Depending on where we buy the boat we don’t know where we’re going and I quite like that idea. The Captains onboard are in love with the free life. We enjoy every moment spent living day to day. And although we are prepared for a fairly cold winter adjusted to climate change, and hard times at sea. We are both extremely excited to finally get back on the water.

As our time on Malta is coming to an end I’m especially happy to report that we are just about as broke as we were 9 months ago. However, we’ve saved up just enough to find ourselves a ship at the lower price range. Meaning we will be looking for ways to make things go around again. It’s no way to tell how this will end, and that’s jsut freakin’ amazing.

Full moon from the highest point of Malta, Dingly Cliffs

I will keep this short. Just a little update on our adventures. Stay with us, share with your friends and make sure to follow our updates. For now, have some great summer days!

Captain Jack