Camping out in Greece

We have moved out of the huge city of Athens. We spent an cold night on the beach of Kiota before venturing further west to our current location – the third largest city of Greece, Patras. At the moment we are sleeping up in a steep hill with the view towards the city and the ocean behind it. But we are looking for an cheap apartment to rent while we search for our new pirate-ship with this city as our base.


We spent our last full day in Athens exploring some of the historical sights it has to offer. Lucky for boat-saving pirates they proved to be free to visit on Sundays, fitting our budget perfectly. Athens was a great visit, but like all other capitals tend to be a great deal more expensive, this also goes for the Greek capital. We therefore decided to move to the west-coast. Here it’s 10,53% cheaper to live according to the great internet and so far I suppose it have proved right. As mentioned, we are currently camping out, expecting rain tonight and are looking for a new place to live, maybe even for a few months.


We will have to raise some money in the months to come. Since we don’t speak the language, I guess we have the work cut out for us. But first we want to get to know this city. Patras look like all other Greek cities we have seen or passed by train or bus and we spent all day yesterday walking around the streets and have already talked to a couple of people about a place to live. Apparently it is hard to rent a place for only a few months but with so much vacancy around I have high hopes for a place in the near future.


Just a little update on our progress. The others just got up and are having their morning coffee. Another day is about to begin, and we need to find a tarp before the rain comes around tonight.

Captain Jack


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