Adventuring forward

Stockholm may be an extremely clean, safe and proud capital city – but like all other crowded places, you pay for what you get. Since the crew left onboard is dying to save every bit of money that comes through our hands; we decided to leave town before the sun went down yesterday. We are located about 6 hours of Harry-speed northwest of the city at a small island called Rävsund. 

We got to do a little sightseeing and all that stuff, there is a lot to see and we had an interesting venture visiting the two museumships laying in front of the Wasa-museum. These are free to visit, well worth the money. I know you are probably supposed to take a bunch of pictures when you are visiting big cities like this, but to be honest I forgot all about the camera and didn’t really take any  during our long walks in the streets and the old town.. except this one:

The mess onboard the lighthouse-ship in the harbour.

It should be mentioned that our friend in the Wasa guest harbour helped us out a lot by only charging us 50 euro for our whole stay (instead of 120) – and that the nice guy named Fredrick came over to hear our story, and for that gave us 500 kroner. Also the guys that knocked on the ship to order waffles at 11 pm for 490 kroner. All in all we came out of our 3 day visit alot better than feared. Of course we had to bunker up, the Swedish diesel prices are crazy, but the tank is now full and in a few hours we will most likely get to inspect our new pirate ship with our own eyes.

Speaking of our new ship. We are halfway there on the cash side of it. The crew will of course sell more waffles, maybe even some of the gear we have onboard the FF Harry, but feel free to help out on our fundraiser. We have got some major donations lately, and this means a lot!

The link to our donation site is HERE

I do not fear that we won’t be able to make it. But since we just hit September, it is now a race against time before we will freeze in or have to deal with a lot more weather on our way out. The new ship has to be rigged and overhauled, it also need some good soaking days in the water before we can consider it safe. The previous owners are telling us they did a great job taking care of the boat, even though it sits on land at the moment. We will see for ourselves in a couple of hours.

Found one more picture taken as we sail into Stockholm.

We have gotten a few requests from people that want to join the pirate-life with us – and yes! This is possible, but not until the new ship is ready and we have the necessary bunks. We have learned that setting up camp with tents and all that stuff take away much needed time. Feel free to send us a message, I’m sure we can find solutions.

But for now our minds are set to scrape together the funds. Please check out our fundraiser, I think the lowest you can give is about 5 kroner or 1 usd. But for smaller amounts, feel free to use paypal, every single cent helps out 🙂

We are finally at a place where we can make a coffee-fire, and that’s exactly what I’m doing after posting this. Varg took off to Copenhagen to meet up with his girlfriend. Captain Simen is still asleep, we watched a movie last night for the first time in months. Oh yeah – the sun is shining! It’s time for coffee.

I wish you all the best for the coming week. Subscribe or check in regularly for updates on this crazy adventure!

Captain Jack

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