In the waterways of Baltzar

For a hundred years, starting in 1832 and all the way through the 1930’s and 40’s, this canal-system was Sweden’s most important route and way of transport. The system is 190 kilometers long, 87 kilometers of these was dug out by hand by 58.000 Swedish Soldiers during the 22 years it took to create us this wonderful journey, and also the shortest way for us, to Stockholm.

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FF Harry gloding through the water.

A visionary by the name of Baltzar von Platen trumped through his plan of these waterways. At the time they used bulls to pull boats through the canals – boaters paid 8 cents every thousand alen or about 594 meters. Sadly he died in 1829 and never got to make this journey by himself. We are therefore taking it upon us to make this trip for him a 186 years since it’s opening. Tonight we docked in Motala – the city of which Mr. Baltzar was buried.

Red line for the distance traveled. We are basically half way there, but tons of water has to be moved for us to hit the sea.

We are driving a convoy with two sailboats. Great people in both of them. The first is brother and sister on their way back home, after having ventured since May (just like us) The other two musicians and a real sailor of 72. Having sailed for 60 of them we feel safe about pimping out Varg this afternoon since the Musicians have to make their living. This ship is also going to Stockholm to be used for a temporary home this winter.

Varg is steerinng narrow canals for the first time.

The weather could of course be more willing, but as hard as it is to admit – the summer is over. We are looking for ways to make enough money. We have come a good way and have a lot of supporters all the way from Spain, Germany and the US, maybe a couple in Norway and hundreds in Sweden. After finishing this blog I’m heading out to track down a used waffle-iron. Maybe pirate-waffles can be a good way to attract people to buy our amazing pirate-postcards (that you’ll get for free in the mail if you support our fundraiser HERE)

Making our way forward.

I think that must be it for this little update. There is laundry to take care of, dishes to wash, a ship to clean, and garbage recycled before we leave town this afternoon.

Juno has made a habit of passing by.

Ship O’hoy,

Captain Jack

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